Environmental Leadership

Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a long-standing value of the company since its humble beginnings in 1946, passed down from generation to generation. We are committed to preserving resources through the implementation of office recycling programs, investments in solar energy systems at a growing number of our facilities, natural gas-powered asphalt plants, use of recycled materials in asphalt pavement production, and continual research and development of new green technologies for the benefit of the entire asphalt industry.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental stewardship isn’t just a compliance thing.  It’s the right thing to do.  Our team of environmental engineers, scientists, chemists, and geologists is dedicated to making sure our facilities are exhibiting the highest level of environmental stewardship and compliance of air, soil, and water quality standards. We strive to exceed environmental standards imposed by the many regulatory agencies with whom we work. Our company takes great pride in our efforts to incorporate road construction practices that are responsible and an efficient utilization of resources.

Featured Awards and Industry Recognition:

2021 Minnesota Ecological Plant Award WinnerMinnesota Asphalt Pavement Association