Crane Creek Asphalt – Faribault, MN - A respected leader in the asphalt paving industry.

Crane Creek Asphalt

Crane Creek Asphalt is a respected leader in the asphalt paving industry.  With its office located in Fairbault, MN, Crane Creek Asphalt is situated to provide superior service to customers in South Central Minnesota.

Crane Creek Asphalt is suited to do everything from major highway construction to residential driveways.  We specialize in construction management, pavement design, and layout while providing customers with the most up to date knowledge in hot mix asphalt construction.  Meeting the customer needs has allowed us to diversify the operations into the construction of bike paths, tennis courts, running tracks and other specialty uses.

We are proud of recycling pavements, reducing energy, conserving aggregates and petroleum, all while providing the highest quality hot mix asphalt possible.  Understanding the environmental impact of what we do is a critical part of our everyday business.

Crane Creek Asphalt’s involvement with local organizations is a true commitment our employees welcome and enjoy.  As future generations become involved, we will continue to be good stewards of our environment and our communities.